Over the years we have tried to increase the efficiency of our plant more and more. The environmental sustainability of production has always been an important challenge in our company. 

As early as 2007 we started using solar panels for hot water production, and in 2017 we replaced our natural gas boiler with a boiler that uses olive pomace as fuel. 

A virtuous cycle that fits perfectly within our vision as producers of organic extra virgin olive oil in search of a sustainable production system based on a circular economy. 

Where we make a difference:

Waste becomes energy. 

The olive pomace (the residue produced by processing olives) is fed into a biodigestion plant that converts it into biogas and 'pomace stones', an environmentally friendly fuel similar to the pellets we use in our boiler.

Clean energy from the sun

Since 2007 we have been using solar panels to produce hot water.

100% recyclable packaging 

All our packaging is recyclable. Through a plastic-free approach we have reduced the use of plastic to fresh products only. All materials used are fully recyclable.