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Our story

For us Lucanians, olive oil is much more than just a condiment. In its colour, in its perfume, in its flavour there are centuries of man's work, wise and respectful of a still uncontaminated nature. 
Our company deploys its best energies to make the most of the unique soil and terrain. We proceed to the selection of our olives, storing only those that have reached the right degree of ripeness, avoiding even the briefest contact with the soil. 

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The oil mill

In order to preserve a unique flavour, next to the stone millstones that slowly press our olives according to an ancient peasant ritual, we have built a facility that enhances the result of artisanal processing. 
From washing the olives to 'cold' pressing, nothing is left to chance. An organic extra virgin olive oil of great quality, like ours, is also the result of the scrupulous attention paid to the production phase.

If you have the opportunity to visit our land, we will be happy to welcome you to our oil mill for a tasting of our oil and to show you all the stages of production and packaging.
You will be able to experience first-hand the true passion for the healthy and genuine flavours of Lucanian tradition.

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The territory

Lucania, in the south of Italy: a splendid and unrepeatable balance between man and the environment. A still uncontaminated nature that slows down the march of time and is capable of producing, even today, those tastes and flavours that have disappeared. 

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Frantoio Oleario Sapori Lucani 


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Frantoio Oleario Sapori Lucani

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